atom in a clathrate-like cage

A final draft of my Ph.D. thesis can be downloaded here: (11 Mb PDF):

Understanding the Dielectric Properties of Water

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Peer reviewed articles

D. C. Elton, Z. Boukouvalas, M. S. Butrico, M. D. Fuge, and P. W. Chung, “Applying machine learning techniques to predict the properties of energetic materials” (arXiv:1801.04900, under review), 2018

F. G. VanGessel, D. C. Elton, and P. W. Chung, “A Phonon Boltzmann Study of Microscale Thermal Transport in α-RDX Cook-Off”, 16th International Detonation Symposium, Cambridge MD, USA, July 2018. (abstract accepted, in prep)

D. C. Elton and M. Fritz, “Using a monomer potential energy surface to perform approximate path integral molecular dynamics simulation of ab-initio water at near-zero added cost” (arXiv:1803.05740), 2018

D.C. EltonThe microscopic origin of the Debye relaxation in liquid water and fitting the high frequency excess response”  Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys.19, 18739 (2017) [arXiv]

D.C. Elton and M.-V Fernández-Serra. “The hydrogen bond network of water supports propagating optical phonon-like modesNat. Comm. 7, 10913 (2016) [arXiv]

D.C. Elton and M.-V Fernández-Serra. “Polar nanoregions in water – a study of the dielectric properties of TIP4P/2005,TIP4P/2005f and TTM3FJ. Chem. Phys., 140, 124504 (2014) [arXiv]

J. J. Podesta, M. A. Forman, C. W. Smith, D. C. Elton, and Y. Malecot, “Accurate Estimation of Third-Order Moments from Turbulence Measurements“, Nonlin. Proc. Geophys., 16, 99 (2009) [arXiv]

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